FAB MBBR Media is a specially designed plastic media used in MBBR systems for biological wastewater treatment. It consists of high-quality polyethylene material that offers a large surface area for microbial attachment. The media’s unique design creates a favorable environment for the growth of beneficial microorganisms, which play a vital role in breaking down organic matter in wastewater.

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Fluidized Aerobic Bio-Reactor (FAB) Media

Industrial Applications

Benefits of FAB MBBR Media

Enhanced treatment efficiency: The large surface area of FAB MBBR Media provides ample space for microbial colonization, resulting in enhanced treatment efficiency. This enables the removal of numerous pollutants from wastewater, including organic material, nitrogen, and phosphorus.

Compact and space-saving: MBBR systems utilizing FAB MBBR Media are highly compact and require significantly less space compared to traditional treatment methods. This makes them ideal for both retrofitting existing treatment plants and designing new installations with space constraints.

Robust and durable: FAB MBBR Media is designed to be durable and resistant to physical and chemical stresses. It offers excellent resistance to clogging, abrasion, and biofilm detachment, ensuring long-term performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

Flexibility and scalability: FAB MBBR Media can be easily adapted and scaled to meet the specific requirements of different wastewater treatment applications. Its modular design allows for flexible system design and expansion as the treatment capacity needs to increase.

Cost-effective: By providing high treatment efficiency, compactness, and durability, FAB MBBR Media helps reduce operational costs and energy consumption. It also eliminates the need for additional sludge handling equipment, further enhancing cost-effectiveness.