Tube Settler

Bioflow Industries Pvt Ltd is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of a high-quality range of tube settler, which is an inexpensive method of upgrading existing water treatment plant clarifiers and sedimentation basins to improve their performance. By enhancing the settling process and optimizing sedimentation, tube settlers play a vital role in ensuring the delivery of high-quality treated water.

Tube settlers are designed to enhance the settling process in clarifiers and sedimentation basins. They consist of a series of inclined tubes or channels that increase the effective settling area. As water flows through these channels, suspended particles settle on the inclined surfaces, allowing cleaner water to pass through. This mechanism significantly improves sedimentation efficiency and overall treatment capacity.

By utilizing tube settlers, water treatment plants can achieve better removal of suspended solids, organic matter, and contaminants. The increased settling area and extended settling time enable improved particle separation, resulting in clearer water. This technology effectively addresses challenges such as high turbidity levels, excess algae, and the presence of fine particles in the raw water.


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